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Braiyt is a fully managed end-to-end machine learning service provider!

Explore Datasets

We deploy your datasets to a secure Azure or AWS cloud for exploration and data discovery through fault-tolerant streaming connection.

Model(s) Development

We develop and define multiple machine learning models that are distributed or run on a single instance depending on the size of the datasets.

Data Visualizations

Dashboards that can show what’s really happening across datasets, correlate patterns across multiple metrics to see in-depth views.

API Endpoints

Deploy REST based API endpoints for developers to access and pull predictions that can be integrated with production systems..

Our certified data science and data engineering team can get any AI job done quickly!

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Active Projects


Autopilot drone with deep learning object detection capabilities

Prototype development of a drone that is able to enter a room, perform a scan of the room, including identification of personnel or obstacles in the room, and transmit that imagery back to a hand held control station that is located outside of the room; all without the requirement for a GPS signal.


Facial Detection & Recognition facility access control system

Prototype development of a deep learnign neural networks facial recognition system designed to provide proactive monitoring of access to restricted area. The system provides continuous monitoring collecting data stream and alerts security personnel when unauthorized access is detected in restricted area.

Web Design

Deep learning facial and voice detection and recognition CRM

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At Braiyt, we nurture raw talent, support each other and coach you to be the best you can be. But that’s just us in a nutshell. Who are you?

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