About me

Technology Innovator | Serial Entrepreneur | AI & Big Data Strategist | Storyteller.

I am the CEO and Co-Founder of BRAIYT AI (https://braiyt.ai). We’re a small, but growing startup based in Ottawa,Ontario Canada. Our focus is to bring AI automation and helping organizations with the implementation of their AI strategies and computer vision services.

We started with our Braiyt-Face a Facial Recognition product which provides third-parties the ability to integrate our API-endpoint for service automation, including improved access control and reduction of identity fraud, then introduced Braiyt-Track which is designed to automate license plate recognition using optical character recognition to detect and read vehicle registration plates. The API-endpoint provides a seamless and secure integration with any application.

We then launched BraiytVu one of the most innovative retail analytics platforms designed to provide bricks-and-mortar the ability to capture, analyse and extract insight from video feeds. Using convolutional neural network algorithms, BraiytVu provides strategic insight to retailers looking to optimize their operations, product placement and campaigns.

In addition to the above, BRAIYT is in R&D engagement with Canada’s department of national defence in the deployment of AI automation systems.

Previously, I was the CEO & Founder of Vivomente Inc. a Big Data Analytics startup working with Twitter, Facebook, and VK data aggregators GNIP and DataSift. I was the architect of a distributed backend system based on the Hadoop architecture. The platform streamed over 10 millions data points monthly and provided predictive analytic capabilities connected to visualization platforms Tableau Server for data analysis, exploratory discovery and report generation.

And before all that, I was a senior technical architect and held various positions within the Canadian federal government. I lead Cyber Security projects, Content management systems and Big Data & AI analytics platforms. Having extensive engineering experience in all these environments has helped me tremendously over the years with integration projects and making the right systems design decision.